Monday, May 28, 2012

Playlists and Sisterhood

I took a recent vacation Arizona to see my one and only sibling, my baby sister AW.  (She needs a name here... Sissy works!)  We hadn't seen each other since Christmas, and I hadn't been out to Arizona since last year, so it was a long overdue trip.  But I'll talk more about our adventures later.

Sissy had to work the first day I was in town, so I spent some time setting up her new iPad and computer, specifically her iTunes account.  As I painstakingly saved her individual playlists (they don't transfer with the library automatically, at least, the method I had to use), I noticed just how different we really were.

It wasn't the genres of music; we both have eclectic tastes, though I think she is far more hipster than I will ever be.  It was the chaotic mess of playlists, titles, spellings, duplicates... the utter disorganization.  It made me frown, then made me smile.  I thought of my orderly, sorted, spell-checked tracks of my own iTunes at home.  I thought of the conglomerate of randomly placed foods in her fridge and kitchen, compared to my neat stacks and systematic sorting.  I thought of her beautifully decorated home and my pale attempts to spruce up my place.  I thought of her effortless style, and my search for my own look.

I've always been the academic one, the tech-savvy one, the practical one, the safe one.

She's always been the free spirit, the impulsive one, the sensitive one, the brave one.

We don't always like each other; I've always said that by our third day together, we've had at least one explosive fight.  But we love each other unconditionally, and I know she'll always be in my life, whether she agrees with what I'm doing or not.  When we're together, I can't help but think about how different we are... and how, sometimes, I think we wish we were a little more like the other.

But regardless, I'm happy inside when we're together.  Even when we're screaming and crying and feel like the other is wrong/selfish/stubborn/such-a-meanie.

I love my sister, and her infinite playlists of randomness.  Because in my ordered, organized existence, I love the excitement she brings to my life.

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