Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gleek Peek: Goodbye

I can't believe so many of the Glee kids are graduating.  I was hoping they'd do a season taking place in the summer, something to draw it out.  With so many of the cast members going in different directions, what is Ryan Murphy going to do next year?  Turn some of the regulars into recurring characters?  Split between Lima, Ohio, and New York?  It's too unbelievable to have everyone stay in one place, and I wonder what will happen to the classroom set and Mr. Schuester.  (Not that I care much about Mr. Schuester... sorry.)

I'm happy that they spent so much time on individual characters.  There were funny bits, and it felt like a pretty good episode compared to some I've seen.

I love music, and I think I'll always watch Glee while it's on the air.  Aren't the episodes hit or miss?  Yes.  But I've always wished real life were more like a musical, and this brought what I loved about High School Musical to a weekly series.  So Glee will always, so long as it's around, be something I am drawn to.

Oh, and Mike O'Malley doing the 'Single Ladies' dance?  OMG.  :)

Songs I'll Download: "You Get What You Give", "Roots Before Branches"

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