Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gleek Peek: Prom again?

Glee had another prom.  I will admit, I tend to like the prom episodes, because they have a lot of danceable songs.  I wasn't disappointed in this regard; I think they stole their playlist from my iPod!

That said, once again I was lost in the story lines.  I think the lame anti-prom idea and Becky side story were pretty weak.  But on the other hand, Quinn once again showing her true colors, and Santana's brutally honest and impeccably true confrontation of Rachel was brilliant.

It's not that believable that Quinn and Santana would make Rachel into prom queen, but it was clever to have them counting the votes; they dislike each other enough to keep it honest.  It was a selfless thing they did, and I think the depiction of Rachel as totally unsure and nervous about winning was accurate.  I'm kind of waiting for Rachel to have a meltdown, because she's scarily calm about everything that's going on.

It was also nice to see everyone be so accepting of the same-sex couples at the prom, as well as legitimately happy for Rachel for winning.  Rachel really has come a long way from the schoolgirl she once was, and her transformation has been interesting to watch.

I like this episode much better than last week, but Glee really needs to step it up... I really don't know how next season will be, but I have been known to stop watching formerly great shows for lack of time and interest.  (Cough cough, Gossip Girl!)

Songs I'll Download: "Love You Like a Love Song", "What Makes You Beautiful"

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