Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gleek Peek: CHOKE

Was I the only one who thought this episode was all over the place?!  Sigh.  Why doesn't Glee carry one or two consistent story lines and resolve them, instead of come of with serious, random stuff out of the blue?

Storylines that need resolving: how Sue's pregnancy is going, Quinn's recovery, Sam+Mercedes, and more.  New to this episode?  Coach Beiste's romantic, awesome husband is abusing her?  Puck's suddenly not graduating?  WTF?!  And why is Sue being so freaking nice?  Is it hormonal?

I thought Chris Colfer was brilliant, and true to himself.  His NYADA audition was awesome.  And Rachel's failed audition was shocking and devastating.  You really felt for her.  But I hated Puck's 'My Fair Lady' moment, and there was just too much going on.  I felt lost.

The musical numbers were the best part of the episode.  I thought the ladies did an awesome job with 'Cell Block Tango', and the songs were well done.  But I didn't get it.  I miss the flow.

I continue to watch, because I love it, but I'm sad that it isn't what it could be, or used to be.  And I worry that since they're graduating the characters, instead of drawing out the high school years like other shows, they're just going to get lost and more ridiculous.  Why couldn't they make an entire season out of the summer, for example?  Sigh.

I realize this post is as discombobulated as the episode was, but I guess it makes sense.  I mean they're doing ANOTHER PROM.  Seriously.  And get rid of the Glee Project kids, except for Harmony and Unique.  Bring them back, in spades.

Song I'll Download: "Cry"

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