Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Seattle: Downtown & More

Every year, Dan and I try to take a week-long vacation as a couple.  For our 2017 trip, we decided to take a road trip through parts of Oregon and Washington!

While in Seattle, we'd heard the view from Kerry Park was the best panoramic.  Of course, our timing wasn't great, as Mount Rainier was hidden from view and it was overcast/drizzly.  Such is the unpredictable weather of Seattle, right?  There's not much around the park if you're walking, so it's kind of a "stop and smell the roses" then move on sort of thing.

Given the rain, we felt like our time would be best spent indoors, drinking!  We were going to meet a couple of my old friends at a brewery, but since we got there early we wandered over to a neighboring cider maker, Number 6 Cider.  I LOVE hard cider, and the fact that we could sample a flight!

After that, we headed over to Holy Mountain Brewing Company.  Dan loved that their beers, merch, and other themes related to his favorite metal music/bands.

And of course, since it was Dan's first trip to Seattle, we had to visit the original Starbucks and Pike Place Market.  I think he was a little underwhelmed, but that may have been because he didn't like the crowds of people.

Lastly, I didn't want to leave a city with a Din Tai Fung without having some soup dumplings.  Thankfully, our friends obliged and took us there for a wonderful shared dinner of Taiwanese goodies!

We love you, Seattle!
You're delicious and beautiful.

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