Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Lately: Fighting, Relaxing, Daydreaming, Delivering, Amusing

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FIGHTING... the urge to be lazy!  I definitely have a list of things I need to do and work on, but I haven't really been that into it this weekend.  My parents came to visit, and I had acupuncture and Korean class yesterday, so between appointments and socializing, it was kind of a busy weekend!  So today I'm lucky I got laundry done.  Need to do more DAR work and prep for a work trip.  I have a quick overnight in San Antonio tomorrow.

I did distract myself Friday by making an arrangement (plus some smaller vases) of bulk Kroger flowers.

RELAXING...  Yeah, I guess I did a lot of that today.  I hung out in PJs, showered, and put clean PJs on!  Also enjoyed reorganizing my tote bags in my closet, as I added a few SUPER cheap monogrammed bags from Krafty Chix to the collection.  As in $20 pleather bags with embroidery.  Boom, FTW, they're cute.  I have the perfect monogram, totally symmetrical, which brings me an inordinate amount of joy.

DAYDREAMING... about houses.  My Pinterest is more busy lately, because I keep daydreaming about when we might someday build or buy a house that has all the things that we want.  I'm thinking in a few years, once we know more about our future family and where we want to settle down!

DELIVERING...  nada.  I'm lucky to be hitting deadlines lately!

AMUSING...  I'm amused by television lately.  Some of the SNL stuff has been pretty funny lately.  I keep up with Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Jane the Virgin.  Dan and I watch The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones together.  And then I have added This Is Us.  Otherwise, it's series that I Netflix binge.

Here's a cute picture from a girls' lunch with my friends this week.  No reason, it just makes me happy.  Crazy Kondo lady says to keep things in your life that bring you joy, right?  So I guess I get to eat more sandwiches?

  • On the Blog:  Reviewing CourseHorse, which aggregates all kinds of classes near where you live!  Don't forget, Nashville locals can enter to win $100 towards courses!  Check out the post even just to see the cookies I decorating in my class.
  • On Twitter:  Does anyone else watch Jane The Virgin?  I just caught last week's episode and I was CRYING.
  • On Pinterest:  I'm making this gnocchi casserole for dinner later.  I couldn't get my act together to cook this weekend while my parents visited (minus our tradition of Sunday pancakes for breakfast!) but tonight I am throwing something together before I have to go to San Antonio for work.
  • On Instagram:  Cat owners know, this is often the first thing you see when you wake in the morning.
  • Shopping:  My cousin has this Pottery Barn cubby organizer, and I want it.  I just have nowhere to hang it right now.

How was your week?

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