Monday, October 12, 2015

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

I usually try to spend my weekends catching up on blog posts, but lately our weekends have been busy...  attending weddings!  We actually attended three other weddings within two months of our own, and it was a blast being on the "other side" of the festivities and seeing how different ceremonies and receptions could be.

A few weeks after our wedding, I attended my cousin A's bridal shower in Indiana.  It had a Tiffany's theme and so many special touches!


That same day, I went back to meet up with Dan to attend my friend D's wedding, in my hometown in Indiana.  She and I had known each other since middle school, and it was so great to see her family and celebrate.

Photo Booth Fun

Later in September, we headed back to Indiana to celebrate A's wedding.  It was so pretty, and even more awesome that I got to see a ton of my extended family.

More photo booth... Dan is holding a mustache over his beard and it just doesn't work.

Lastly, a week later in October, we attended the nuptials of my friend Lauren.  It was the first Jewish ceremony I'd attended, and I thought the traditions and chuppah were so beautiful!  I even danced my first hora.

So yeah, this fall has been a wedding-related frenzy for us on so many happy levels!  It's been like living in a TLC episode of something, but in a good way.  It has also given me a good chance to wear dresses I don't always get to put on, and to practice wearing my hair down because that's a fairly recent development for me.  Baby steps.

You know one thing I love about going to weddings with Dan?  It feels like every time we hear a couple say their vows, it takes us back to our own.  I don't think I felt this way before we got married.  I tend to have my hand on Dan's, and think about the words being said...  it's almost like in my head I'm renewing my commitment too!  You can't help but feel joy when you're attending a wedding.  It's just one of the happiest days you can create for yourself and share with others.

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