Friday, August 28, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: August 2015

With August being a month of weather transitions, I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for cooler weather (and an air-conditioned, chilly office).  This month, I replaced some broken sunglasses, got a couple of pieces of jewelry, replaced some jeans that I donated with ones that fit, and found a few steals at Ross and TJ Maxx.

  1. Charming Charlie Glossy Cateye and Spots Sunglasses ($9 each, paid 2 for $15):  There was a sunglasses sale at Charming Charlie, so I indulged in two pairs!  I always buy cheap sunglasses, then wear them until they fall apart.  I don't see the point in paying for more pricy ones, considering I lose and break them frequently.
  2. Charming Charlie Sparkle Crossing Midi Ring ($8, similar splurge):  This little midi ring makes me feel hip and with it... LOL.  It's just adorable and it feels unexpected on someone like me.  My wedding ring finger is pretty blinged out, so I like balancing with something else on the right hand.
  3. Charming Charlie Dainty Doilies Earrings ($6):  These ended up being my wedding earrings, during a last-minute trip to the store to find something that worked.  I needed something that wouldn't clash with the metallic elements of my dress, but still add a little shine.
  4. Old Navy Curvy Straight Jeans in Rinse & Lakeshore ($30 each, paid $20 each on sale):  These used to be called the Sweetheart jeans.  As part of my closet cleanout, I got rid of jeans that didn't fit and replaced them with a couple pairs that do!  It's more important for me right now to wear what fits, and if I change sizes I'll purchase items accordingly.  Definitely wearing these on the regular.
  5. En Focus Studio Chevron Dress via Ross ($15, similar, similar red):  I was at Ross during tax-free weekend and picked up a work-appropriate dress for just $15.  I consider that a good deal!  I'll belt the dress at the waist when I wear it. (see outfit below!)
  6. Cable & Gauge Blue Knit Blouse via TJ Maxx ($17, similarsimilar splurge):  My coworker dragged my to TJ Maxx and I left with two more work-appropriate blouses.  I've been a bargain shopper lately, and I like what I'm getting!  The cobalt blue was so soft and good.  I wore it the day after I bought it!
  7. Zac & Rachel White Grid Blouse via TJ Maxx ($20, similar print):  This top felt like another work-friendly blouse to play up with my jeans.  I need the sleeves to stay warm in the frigid air conditioning, and it can go from summer to fall.

$121 spent - $18 sold = $103 total spent
??? savings

Total 2015 YTD Spending: H1 $970 + July $28 + August $103= $1101

I definitely felt tempted to shop more, but I watched the documentary The True Cost on Netflix about the impact of fast fashion on the world in general, and it made me feel kind of terrible for always looking for cheap clothes.  But the reality is, when I started looking at fair trade pieces and other American-made clothing, it was hard to find items that I considered affordable or splurge-worthy.  Blergh!  So that movie moved me to delete a few online shopping carts of cheap goodies.  Will I stay that way, probably not... the holiday sales are coming, and I've purged a ton from my closet.  I love to shop, and I like to look cute and express myself a little with my outfits.  We'll see how it lands.

I have a Stitch Fix box coming for September, so I'll recap that and let you know what I keep.  I feel pretty good on pants for now, though I'd really like to try these stretch pants from Macy's and I'm lusting after this Eliza J special occasion dress.  If I wear it to two fall weddings, it's worth it, right?  Tell me I'm right.

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Also, as a peek into how I style my items, here are a couple of outfits I wore in August with pieces ranging from 2012 to this month...
Blazer from December 2014
Tassel Necklace from November 2014
Top from July 2015
Jeans from August 2015 (this month!)
TOMS wedges circa 2012  

Dress from August 2015 (this month!)
Sandals from May 2015
Don't forget to shop my closet at Poshmark!

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