Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brew at the Zoo

Once again, Dan's brewery was serving up craft beer at Nashville Brew at the Zoo (we went last year!) and I was lucky enough to join the fun!  This year I pitched in a bit at the tent and poured beers, but I also go to hang out with a bunch of friends from work.  It was fun seeing people I have started to recognize at the festivals in the area.

But unlike the beer fanatics, I was really mostly in it for the delicious food.  Since we got in at set-up, I was first in line to check out the eats!  My buddy MM and I split our favorite at The Grilled Cheeserie, the Pimento Mac & Chee with tater tots.  That was our pregame.  Then I was pumped to try food from a couple of trucks I hadn't yet seen on the scene.

Before the hordes arrived...

One new truck that immediately drew me in was Funk Seoul Brother... KOREAN STREET FOOD.  In NASHVILLE.  I kept circling the truck like a vulture while they got ready to open.  The poor workers must have thought I was nuts.  I hovered and hovered until I could get my hands on some Bulgogi, which they served as an appetizer with spicy gochujang sauce and steamed rice for $5.  First off, a steal.  Secondly, YUM.  I'm not used to spicy stuff with my bulgogi, but it was a great mixture of flavors.  I let my friends try it and they liked it too.  The truck guys told me they taste test all their recipes for a 63-year-old Korean grandmother, and that was good enough for me!

Another, where I tried a dessert apple pie, was Music City Pie Company.  The crust was excellent (they recommended I used vodka to make a good one, which I've heard before), and they explained they leave the peels on the apples for good reason... and I agree!  They had a little spiked whipped cream, which they don't usually get to use, but knowing it was a 21+ crowd it was perfect!

I must say, after the fun I had last year, this year was a little different.  The event sold out, and it didn't seem like everyone was prepared!  The animals weren't out as much/long as previous years (all I got to see were flamingos, note to self to see things before sunset) and many of the stations ran out of beer almost two hours before the fest ended!  Woof.  I couldn't complain since I was helping serve beer for the brewery and didn't pay, but folks who spent $65 on tickets didn't seem too pleased.

Still, I also enjoyed spending time with two of my favorite guys, my sweet Dan and my lil bro MM.  I also had a blast riding the carousel for the first time!

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