Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kitchen Notes

Dan and I were headed downtown for a show, and since I hadn't tried Kitchen Notes at the Omni yet, we decided to eat there for dinner.  Kitchen Notes is another farm-to-table nod, located inside the beautiful Omni Hotel downtown.  It's walking distance to all the best that downtown Nashville has to offer, including Broadway.  You can access the restaurant from the Omni's lobby.

The decor is modern and pleasing, but we noticed the smaller tables like our had a cheap wood-like laminate look.  In keeping with the Southern theme, it would have been nice to see it with a more authentic look, while many other tables had marble or granite tops that looked nice.  You can also see the kitchen from where you dine, and the "biscuit bar" they bring you samples from.

The biscuits were really tasty.  We had traditional ones (my favorite), plus others, including bacon and blue cheese.  The traditional ones were spot-on and my preference.  The jams included were tasty too.  I also indulged in some bubbly!

To start, I had the daily soup, a really delicious chicken & rice soup.  I have zero complaints, as it was perfect!

For my meal, I was stuffed on biscuits and soup, so I decided to order the macaroni...which is usually a side dish.  Well, it was certainly too big for me to finish, perfect for two people to share!  It was really good, not your typical restaurant macaroni.  I'd definitely recommend it as my favorite dish of the night.

Dan ordered the special for the evening, which was steak medallions and pork belly.  It also came with potatoes, served on an aioli.  I had some of it, and it was really good.  I love pork belly!  It was large in size and really reasonably priced.

Overall, Kitchen Notes was solidly delicious.  It was pricey when you added up everything we ate, but not more so than other higher-end downtown places.  I've heard their brunch is one of the best in town, so I'd love to come back for that!  We wrapped up dinner with full tummies and headed to the Ryman to see a couple of our favorite funny people: Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally.

Oh, and a bonus?  Kitchen Notes validates your valet parking for the day/night (before 2am) so that's a $14 savings right there.  We went to the show after dinner, walked back, then picked up our car to head home.

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