Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

There's a lot of buzz on Facebook about Jamberry nail wraps.  Given that I nearly ruined my nails with shellac & gel manicure removals, I was hoping these wraps would give my nails a little protection so they could grow out and not be peeling as much.  I'm pretty good at painting my own nails, but I smudge/chip them within a day or so, because I don't wait for them to fully dry.
Jamberry nails are sold through independent consultants and have a basic cost of $15/sheet, with enough wraps for 2-3 applications, depending on how you allocate them.  They work for both fingers and toes.
Rose Gold Sparkle

I will admit, there is a learning curve to application.  My first full set of Jamberry nail wraps lasted me exactly one week before they were a lost cause, peeling at the edges.  I put my nails through the ringer, so I wasn't too disappointed.  I saw a lot of flaws in my application process: rough edge from filing, wraps touching cuticles... so it's no wonder they started to come loose.  (Here's the official application video, in case you're curious.)
I use the Jamberry Application Kit and Mini Heater to put on my wraps.  I used to use my hair dryer, but the mini heater gives me a free hand to better maneuver.  I also apply OPI ChipSkip as a base before applying.
For my second full set, I used the "baggie method" I saw online, and I did not file the tips; I used nail clippers to trim them before heating, ensuring the tips came to the edge of my nail.  I also made sure to push my cuticles down so no wraps touched skin, which leads to the peeling.  I did have one or two ripples after four days (mostly where my nails themselves had peeled, so the surface wasn't completely even), but this round was noticeably better.  I was a happy camper and got lots of compliments!
White & Pink Tint Tips (Short)

My second full set lasted a week and a half before they looked a little worse for wear and I took them off.  That's almost the full two weeks advertised.  I've noticed that different wraps need a little more or less heat/care with application, specifically the ones with metallic in them.  I decided to exchange one set of wraps, the Icy Taupe Polka, because they simply did not stay on me...  but Jamberry has a satisfaction guarantee, so I could just get  a new set.  I felt like that one design, compared to all the other ones I've tried, "felt" different during application and didn't take the heat as easily.  It's good to know Jamberry will exchange if you're not fully satisfied.
I don't feel like it takes much longer for me to put Jamberry wraps on than regular polish, due to lack of drying time, and I don't chip them like regular polish.  You get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Removal is so easy too, they just peel off with a little help!  I'm pretty much sold on these as a great way for me to have nail designs that last longer than salon or self manicures.
I've ordered a bunch of sets, because I absolutely love all the patterns.  Even though I haven't yet gotten to the point of them lasting a full two weeks (I need to not watch TV while applying!), I'm happy with the look, designs, and having them last a week and a half.  I can't paint nail designs like these myself!  There's seriously a design for every occasion too, and I have picked some that work very well for both a corporate office and my life in general.
Interested in shopping for some Jamberry wraps of your own?  There's often a  Buy 3, Get 1 Free or some other offer running.
Urban Lights

I purchased all of my own Jamberry nail wraps and accessories from my friend.  I do not sell them.  I am reviewing them here just to let other people know my experience with them, before they take the plunge themselves.

UPDATE:  (2/7/2015)  I am STILL a fan of Jamberry nail wraps.  I get endless compliments about them because people assume I'm getting professional manicures!  The designs with a clear background are still my favorite, mostly because I feel they are subtle enough to wear to the office and match a lot of my outfits; one set of clear decals lasted me two weeks without an issue, I just removed them to change the design.  I was even wearing Jamberry when I got engaged on New Year's Eve, so my holiday cards actually feature my manicure with a photo of my ring!

Icy Taupe Polka

UPDATE:  (4/25/2015)  I also learned that Jamberry wraps work well over gel manicures, which I get from time to time now that my nails are healthier.  Here is a photo of accent wraps on top of gels.


  1. I am interested in trying these at some point, but would have to buy the junior version because my nail beds are teeny. For that reason, I am a little bummed because I want more patterns that aren't so well...kiddish.

  2. I totally understand! My friend Molly, who is the one who sells me Jamberry, also wears the Juniors a lot.

    That said, I'm also finding that to make my sets last longer, I can totally trim the "stickers" to fit what I need to. You can take scotch tape over your nail, trace the shape, then stick that tape on the back of the wrap sheet and cut them that way. It takes longer, but someone with small nails will get WAY more bang for their buck out of a sheet of wraps than someone who has larger nails!

  3. How is everyone doing with their samples so far? Don't forget to post photos for all of us to see! I've noticed that a few of you have expressed interested in hosting your own Jamberry parties! Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are interested! Here's a link to some of the awesome things you can earn by hosting a party! Speaking of which, lets help Aubrey earn some of these awesome rewards too!!!!!!! Don't forget to place your orders under her party today through my website!

  4. I love that rose gold sparkle colour, it's perfect for upcoming holidays. I heard about jamberry nails through instagram but I had no clue what it was. I ALWAYS smudge my polish before its dry so maybe I should give them a try.

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  5. Emmett, my friend Molly will send you a free sample via the link below... just make sure to mark me down as your referral in the form. Try it!


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