Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Hop: Behind the Scenes

When Jess, from Stamp in my Passport, nominated me to go next on a blog hop, I was immediately flattered by her kind words about this humble little space.  How could I refuse?  This one is focused around the writing process, so I had to sit back and think about how I actually end up posting what I do on my blog.

Q1. What am I currently working on/writing?
Nothing!  Honestly, my queue of posts is basically empty.  I have been traveling a lot, it's my MBA finals week, and my cousin's wedding just happened, so I have neglected my blog.  Usually, I have a half dozen posts lined up and space them out as I see appropriate, inserting new posts in between as needed for sponsored content and whatnot.  That's the usual cadence, anyways!

Q2. How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?
It's probably more incoherent than other lifestyle blogs.  While I admit I do have some fun travel posts, I don't really know what my blog is supposed to be about, other than me.  It tends to veer towards travel, food, shopping, and my cats, but I don't generate enough content to do any of them exclusively.  If you like me, you'll like my blog.  If you don't like my blog, we probably wouldn't be great friends.  I also don't generate a consistent income/living from blogging (always <$100/mo in goods and giftcards) and a bunch of that ends up going to taxes.

Q3. Why do I write what I do?
I have kept a journal since I was a teenager, but blogging took me from writing a private journal to creating content for others to read.  I no longer write in a notebook; it seems like a waste of paper.  I write for a few reasons...  One, it's cathartic.  I'm a chatterbox by nature, and so blogging makes sense.  It helps keep me from overwhelming my IRL friends on Facebook with all the stuff in my head.  Two, I like the social aspect.  I've made friends through blogging, and I like to crowdsource ideas about where to travel, where to eat, good shopping deals, etc.  By posting my own reviews and ideas, I'm giving back to the community as much as I take.  Lastly, I blog because it gives me an opportunity to learn.  I learn about basic coding, basic Photoshop, lots of geeky things.  I enjoy learning something new.

Q4. How does my writing process work?
Typically, my posts are event-based.  I ate at a restaurant.  I traveled somewhere.  I wore an outfit that made me feel good.  Then I take photos (usually my iPhone) and upload them to my Google Drive.  I create individual blog post drafts, usually a bulleted list at first so I don't forget details I want to write about later.  I use these lists, and my photos, to craft a post when I have more time to sit down and focus.   I only spend a couple hours a week blogging, when it's all said and done, because I have a full time job and MBA going on.

To continue the fun, I nominate my blog friend Meghan at Hayes Days.  She's beautiful, sweet, and I love seeing what she's up to!  (P.S. Meghan, you don't have to if you don't want to.)

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