Wednesday, May 21, 2014

@Fabletics - Outfit Review v.5

Note:  After five months of Fabletics, I still love it.  I won't be doing a review post every month, but I am very happy with the service and don't see an end in sight yet for it!  You'll see my pieces in my Budgeting Bloggers post.

I had one last credit lingering on Fabletics, so I was able to order the "Cheeky" outfit for just $10 total.  I loved my previous running skirt, so I went for another one.  The outfit also included the first bra I tried from Fabletics.

Overall, this tank top is one of my new favorites!  It doesn't even look like a workout top, the cut is so nice.  The skirt, same as my other one but in another pattern, is a winner too.  They go well together and as separates, which is what I am going for these days in workout clothes.

The bra was not to my liking; I prefer a seamless band like the ones I get from Target.  I sent it back because the fit wasn't quite right for me.  It was a great quality material, but the thick bottom band and padded cups were not my style.
Overall, another great quality outfit from Fabletics!  I seriously recommend it.

Disclaimer:  I subscribe to Fabletics on my own dime, and did not receive anything in exchange for this review.  I earned this outfit for FREE using referrals!  If you're interested in signing up for Fabletics, I would LOVE if you'd use my referral link!  For every two friends of you who purchase, I can earn an outfit.

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