Saturday, October 12, 2013

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

As I checked into the gorgeous JW Marriott in Grand Rapids for a recent work trip, I could not miss the incredible works of art everywhere that I looked.  What was going on?

One word: ArtPrize.  I was in Grand Rapids for the tail end of the competition, an open, independently organized international art competition decided entirely by public vote.  There was definitely an element of subjectivity to the voting, as some pieces were displayed in more trafficked areas than others, but the result was literally hundreds and hundreds of pieces in essentially every building in the downtown area.

And it’s all free and open to the public to boot!  I'm so lucky I happened to drop in at the right time to enjoy Grand Rapids at its best.  Took way too many photos to post.   Loved it all.

P.S.  My stay at the JW was top-notch.  Highly recommend this hotel!  I had a beautiful view of the river and city.  JW in Tucson is still my favorite, but this one is gorgeous.

Oh, and this car was parked outside the JW and looked like art.  It wasn't in the contest, but I wanted to drool over it some more.

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