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Friday, July 26, 2013

Sex & the City, according to Duke

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Me: "Maintaining close friendships with girls is a lot of work, and I'm not good at it.  I'm beginning to think I will never have that Sex & the City circle of friends."

Duke: "That's because Sex & the City isn't real!  They meet for brunch like *every day*, and the blonde one f*cks someone, and the brunette gets indignant.  Then they go to the latest restaurant opening or whatever."

Me:  "Did you read this in some article?  How do you know this?"

Duke:  "I saw a few episodes, and it's just ridiculous."

Me:  "Well, what about the redhead?  And the curly blonde?"

Duke:  "The redhead has a kid and she's a professional busy-woman.  The blonde is a fashionista."

Me:  "Which one am I?  The indignant brunette?"

Duke:  "You're none of them, Aubrey.  Because they aren't real."


And he used the word fashionista.  In real conversation.  Bwahahahaha....


  1. Haha that is so great. My boyfriend would rather shoot himself in the foot than watch Sex and the City.

    1. So would mine... that is why our TV date night is Game of Thrones!

  2. That's fairly spot on. Yeah I think I'm the only girl that doesn't love SATC. I watched the series but hated the movies. I usually love things that are indulgent and decadent..but yeah, I could never find one that I identified with either.

  3. Smart lad! Hold on to that one.

    I HATE SATC. Hate it. It encourages poor decision making (and I'm not talking the sex parts--the female sexual liberation displayed in the show is actually the only good thing about it), sells this mythic representation of female friendships, and the characters are basically flat, one-dimensional characters that act as tabla rasa so we can all imagine ourselves as one or more of them. I watched the entire series and one movie because I was forced to and I just... no. No.

    1. I loved it in college. LOVED it. Because at that point in life I was much more naive and enjoyed living vicariously. Now that I'm approaching the age where these women were when it began, I am really seeing how different and unrealistic the show was. I appreciated the great writing and how it changed the way people view women sexually, but you're very right about the character flatness. Everyone tried to mimic the formula of the four women (even down to hair color) but it lacked originality, like a Real World cast formula.

  4. Love this!! :) I wish guys could just decode every show like Awesome!

    1. I am tempted to make Duke watch more chick movies and shows to give me his thoughts. He thinks Glee is ridiculous too.


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