Friday, March 30, 2012

Spain: Cordoba

At the advice of a friend, we took a day trip from Sevilla to visit the city of Cordoba.  We weren't disappointed!

Roman Bridge

Our first stop was at the famed Mezquita, a cathedral that has maintained its Moorish mosque architecture and beauty since the 10th century!  We met this charming little old man in the garden (filled with the scent of lovely orange trees) who told us the history of the place; he didn't even work there, just wanted to talk to us.

La Mezquita
The garden in the Mezquita
I was so impressed with the arches inside, and the overall feel of the place.  It was truly unlike any cathedral I'd ever seen.  We lingered there for a long time.

We also went to the roman bridge and Puerta del Puente, a Renaissance gate at the foot of the bridge.  The effect was beautiful.

Puerta del Puente
Dad wanted to see the Alcazar, which was the site of the Spanish Inquisition.  From the outside, it looked like a walled city, but once inside it was impressive!  I really liked the gardens, and we were able to climb the tower.  It was worth the visit.

Cordoba was one of our favorite parts of our trip to Spain.  I think the photos speak for themselves.  It was just beautiful, and we bought some great ceramic souvenirs there.  Dad really enjoyed it too.  I will never forget it!

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