Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Lately: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling

I've been "hanging out" virtually with some fellow bloggers who invite others to join their weekly linkup.  Since I normally don't post on Sundays, I figured it might be a good addition to my lineup because I love its simplicity.

I have TWO more classes left for my Master's degrees (yes, multiple degrees, because masochism), and I really started this term off on the wrong foot.  I'm planning to use the holidays to catch up on coursework, because I'm way behind.  Classes will be officially over at the end of February, so I just need to pull out of my "senioritis" funk on this one!  Woof.

I finally found a paper planner system that works for me, though!  I use Levenger/Arc/Circa notebooks for everything else in my life, so going with the Smart Planner was a late-in-the-game no-brainer for me after two failed Erin Condren Life Planner attempts and a Midori Traveler's Notebook purchase.  Oops.

LuLaRoe leggings.  Whenever I'm at home, I'm wearing them around the house because they're so soft and comfortable.  I think I have like 7-8 pairs now; it's an addiction.  Best $20!  If you want to read my review of LuLaRoe clothes, click here.  I don't sell them, but I feel like I should get a commission because I talk about them so much.

Even though I'm a newlywed, I just finished two research-centric books about dating in this day and age:  Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game and Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.  I have a ton of beautiful, eligible, well-employed, fit, funny, smart single lady friends, and it's occurred to me that the dating scene has changed dramatically in recent years with online dating and apps like Tinder.   Since I love books like Freakonomics or anything by Malcolm Gladwell, these books felt like fun reads, and they were!

If you're interested in reading them, I'd read the Aziz Ansari book first.  It's lighter than the Date-onomics, and references some of the same research.  I think I would have liked it better if I read them in that order, because Date-onomics is more of the nerdy deep dive.  I find non-fiction to be just as fascinating as fiction, so these are good ones if the topic is of interest.

I wish I was going to be with my family for Christmas.  Dan and I agreed to start alternating family holidays (Thanksgiving/Christmas) this year, since our families live in different states... Indiana and Pennsylvania.  It's just not sustainable (read: sane) to try to do both, because travel and stress would make our vacation seem like a gauntlet of driving and schedules and exhaustion.  So this year we're in PA for Christmas (we were in IN for Thanksgiving), and I'm already kind of feeling the "first year with the in-laws" blues that I won't be with my Dad for his birthday Christmas Eve, or waking up in my parents' house on Christmas morning.

I've been spoiled rotten and welcomed with open arms since I arrived (I'm very lucky, and my husband's family and friends are fantastic), but this is the first Christmas that I haven't been home, other than two Christmases while I was in the Army when I couldn't travel.  Luckily this year, we are able to pass through Indiana to break up our long drive home, so I'll get to see my folks for a night before we get back to TN.  From what my coworkers tell me about their first Christmas with their spouse's family, these feelings are absolutely normal and understandable, so that helps me feel less like an ungrateful girl with #firstworldproblems.

I feel exhausted.  With the long road trip and then staying up/out until 12-1am is just not agreeing with me!  Fortunately, my hubby treated me to donuts this morning, which is ALWAYS a remedy to perk me up!

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