Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: Looking Back

2015 was awesome.  Seriously, I'm not sure how it gets better?  Sure, it had highs and lows... but overall as I look back, I can't help but be pleased by how things ended up.  Here are my Top Ten (in chrono order) captured on this blog for the year!

  1. On New Year's Eve, at nearly midnight, Dan proposed.
  2. I completed the Walt Disney World Marathon, all 26.2 grueling miles.
  3. I became a godmother (and ate my way through NY).
  4. We took brewery/Franklin-themed engagement portraits.
  5. I had a beer brunch 30th birthday party, and it was a blast!
  6. We honeymooned in Peru, the best trip we've ever taken.
  7. I attended my first Daughters of the American Revolution Continental Congress in D.C.
  9. I also traveled to Florida (once, twice), New York, California, Arizona (once, and one more post coming), Alabama, Indiana (a few times), Michigan (a few times for work and with Dan), and Pennsylvania for Christmas.
  10. I wrote posts on two cities I've grown to love over the past few years (my current staycations!) Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.

My blog got a new look this year, thanks to Maru!  Every so often, you need a nice refresh, right?

I was also more candid, honest, open this year, and I even dove further back into the past for some inspiration...  a few posts I'm proud of for various reasons:
And since everyone is doing that 2015bestnine thing on Instagram, I thought I'd post mine here for a laugh... because everyone loves cat photos, my most-liked photos were mostly Bear and Bourbon.  #winning #crazycatlady  (The other two non-cat pics are my South Korea pic from the retrospective and our engagement!)


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