Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas at Belmont Mansion

My friend Lindsey and I enjoy being "ladies who lunch" every once in a while.  We've traveled a lot together, and we also love attending events like the Afternoon Adagio at the Olde Pink House when we lived near Savannah. There's just something about dining in a beautiful old home, eating off china, and celebrating friendship.

Recently, we decided to buy tickets for the Christmas luncheon at Belmont Mansion, with a silent auction and proceeds benefiting the Belmont Mansion Association, the non-profit organization in charge of repairing, restoring, researching, and furnishing Belmont Mansion.

I had no idea this mansion was hidden in the middle of Nashville, but pre-Civil War was far from the hubbub and center of town!  It was designed and constructed by a wealthy lady who loved art and Nashville.  It was never a plantation home, but more like a resort home as an escape from the city center.  The mansion is now attached to some more modern buildings, and it's definitely hidden from view off any main roads.  We were surprised (and delighted) how it sneaked up on us!

This is the historic dining room display of the Mansion

The room where we dined was decorated beautifully, and we also spent some time on our phones browsing the silent auction items!  Lindsey and I both won items (I got an autographed Puffy Muffin cookbook!) and had a ball!  We also enjoyed a delicious lunch and some festive "poppers" with our friends at the table afterwards.

We also took a photo together (we've been friends for a decade, we need to capture the memories) and we thought it reminded us of a cruise ship portrait... but pretty nonetheless!  It's probably my favorite picture of the two of us this year.

Lindsey and I joke about how we will someday end up like the Golden Girls (I'm a Dorothy, in case you haven't guessed) and I hope we're still attending events like these together until we're old and grey!

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