Monday, February 2, 2015

I ate the Big Apple... again!

New York City to me is a smorgasbord of so many things I love.  My most recent visit to the city, on a one-day stop on my way upstate, I ate the Big Apple again.  (Check out this post from one of my visits last year!)

I was able to fly standby and get to the city early, so after dropping my bags at my cousin's in Chelsea, I took the subway down to SoHo to visit Dominique Ansel Bakery

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I knew I wouldn't be able to sample their famous/infamous Cronut, but my cousin SP mentioned they make these amazing pastries called DKAs, croissant-like delights with a caramelized crunchy outside.  And since I was already hungry, I also got some hot madeleines with powdered sugar.  I highly recommend them, as they were pure perfection!

Next, I headed around the corner to my personal mecca for macarons: Ladurée.

I love macarons.  I eat them entirely too quickly.  I loved getting to pick out a bunch to enjoy, with an adorable cat box to boot!  (I now keep that box on my desk at work.)  These are probably the most famous place to get macarons, and for good reason.  They're fresh, soft, and delicate.  You really won't be disappointed.

Ladurée on Urbanspoon

After catching the train back up to Chelsea, I stopped by Eataly just to explore.  (I'd already eaten all my madeleines!)  It's just sensory overload in there...  There are so many counters to visit, so many sections of wonderful foods like pasta.  I wish I was staying there longer, or going home right after, because I would have bought some fresh gnocchi to cook.  It's a treat whenever I visit.

For dinner, we ordered takeout from The Meatball Shop.  Um, heck yes!  So many of my favorite things in one day.  I ordered the Classic Beef meatballs, tomato sauce, and spaghetti underneath.  Classic, simple, and delicious.  I wouldn't hesitate to eat there again, or mix it up with a different combo!

The Meatball Shop on Urbanspoon

Oh, and did I mention that I not only got to spend time with my cousin, her husband, and my nephew/niece dog/cat...

...but I spent the weekend upstate to attend the baptism of my beautiful goddaughter!

All in all, the perfect New York weekend.

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  1. Going to Laduree is on my bucket list! And what sweet photos from the baptism of your goddaughter. You are absolutely beaming :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. It's amazing... though you should put the Paris location on your bucket list because it's more than just macarons, it's this epic beautiful place with pastries and whatnot. If you go, you'll also have to compare the macarons at Pierre Herme. :)

  3. I've not been to the Laudree in Soho, but I have visited the one on Madison. I have to confess, while their shop is beautiful and the macarons are delish, the line just about kills me. Personally, I think Bouchon Bakery has macarons that are just as good, with practically no line…although they don't have as much as a selection. Also, you may one to put the Culinary Institute on your bucket list for the next time you visit the Hudson Valley. Their Apple Pie bakery has some of the best macarons for under two dollars a pop, and they are huge! I could probably eat their salted caramel like potato chips!

    Two other restaurants for your NYC radar…The Tipsy Parson, which you may not love as much as I do, only because it serves southern style food and you already live in the south (but for five bucks you can get a Cheerwine!) and The Smith…some of the best jalapeño grits I've ever had in my life. Both places have fantastic atmosphere!

  4. I didn't have to wait in line at all! But I definitely want to try Bouchon Bakery; I had a macaron from the one in Vegas.

    I don't know how I feel about eating Southern food in NY... I feel like because I get soooo much Southern here (from BBQ to upscale Southern to biscuit brunches) when I go to NY all I want is really good Italian and Asian food that I can't get near Nashville. Though I will say Nashville doesn't really do "lowcountry" or Carolina BBQ, they have really solid Southern food culture.


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