Monday, February 16, 2015

FLIP Burger Boutique

We'd been long overdue for a blogger buddy date, so when Kimmie suggested it, Jenna, Lauren, Brittany, and I were up for trying this hip new burger "boutique" that recently opened.  There's even valet; that's fancy, right?  We were told it would be about 25 minutes wait for our table at FLIP Burger Boutique, but in reality it took nearly an hour's wait on a Wednesday night.  That's what we get for going to the popular, new place!  It may have taken longer because we needed an accessible table, but I wish they had an established waiting area vs. a ton of people standing huddled around the hostess stand in front of a drafty door.  I kept almost bumping into this group's table/chairs as more people entered.  I snapped a quick pic of the interior as we waited.

The place was packed!

One of the reason FLIP is so popular is its creative director, chef Richard Blais, winner of Bravo's season 8 ‘Top Chef All-Stars.’  I don't watch the show, but I knew that the restaurant's ties to reality TV were no doubt responsible for the packed crowd on a weeknight.  The place had modern decor with a throwback retro feel like a diner; it kind of reminded me of the decor in a themed Disney restaurant or something.

Because we're super cool chicks, we decided to order milkshakes to start and dig our spoons in.  There was likely double-dipping, but we're blogger buddies so WHY NOT?  We got a Krispy Kreme shake and a Turtle shake, both delicious.  There were doughnut bits in the Krispy Kreme shake, but it wish it had tasted more doughnut-y.  Maybe some cake mix would have helped a little?  Sprinkles?  Still, like I said, both delicious.  Well worth the Lactaids that Lauren and I popped beforehand.

Jenna ordered some Braised Brisket Empanadas for the table to split, and they were delicious.  They had this cilantro lime mayo that was a really great complement. I didn't get a photo of these, because we ate them so quickly!

As a big-time burger fan, I was anxious to try the main event.  I deviated a bit and did not go for a "classic" choice, instead going for their Chorizo burger: chorizo-spiced pork, hashbrowns, fried egg, manchego, Spanish paprika, almond romesco.  (I skipped the smoked mayo, as I'm not a mayo fan.)  Overall, the portion size was generous; I could not finish the whole burger after indulging in the earlier bites!  The burger had great flavor too, though I think the "hashbrowns" were actually fries added to the burger.  I added fries to my order (they don't come with the burger) and wish those were a bit more crispy.  They did not exactly win me over on the fries, though again the portions were generous and there were enough to share.

I really appreciate that FLIP really thinks about its ingredient sourcing.  That means local pork, organic beef, sustainably sourced fish, and sauces made fresh daily.

Would I come back to FLIP?  I might, if a friend wants to go.  It's not bad, though I hope the wait times start to die down.  Burger Republic is still my favorite burger in Nashville, and I also prefer Burger Up and The Pharmacy over FLIP.  But like I said, I would come back if someone else really wanted to, to mix it up and try some of the more creative burgers.

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  1. I think I'm spoiled on burgers living in such a burger-happy city. Also, because of my lactose intolerance, I tend to avoid milkshakes... though the banana ones at Sonic were a favorite! I think I'm biased towards cake vs. ice cream/shakes as a result of my sensitivity.

  2. I AGREE. I ran them as Pharmacy and Burger Republic tied for #1...until I tried Gabbys. Have you been there? It's a little POS burger joint near the fairgrounds. The parking is awful, but the food is cheap and awesome and they have fruit tea. Also, you basically can customize your burger with toppings, which Jamie loves because he is picky as hell. I definitely liked what I got at Flip and would go again...but yeah I would pick Pharmacy over them.

  3. Gabby's is a place I need to try. Also people have told me I need to try burgers at Rotiers. I eat at Burger Up in Cool Springs a lot (at least monthly) and I don't know why people like to knock them. They put out a really great burger, and it's where we go when we don't want to hike up to one of the Burger Republics. We kind of gave up on the Pharmacy as the parking and waiting situation is awful there, while the food and beer selection are great.


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