Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review & Giveaway: Tea Box Express

Disclosure:  I received the January 2015 Tea Box Express kit at no charge,  in exchange for my honest review.  Tea Box Express is sponsoring a giveaway via my blog post, as well as offering a promotional discount code for my readers!

I didn't always love drinking tea.  In fact, I did not become accustomed to drinking tea until 2010, the year of my deployment to Baghdad.  In Baghdad, drinking tea was a courtesy, something you definitely took part in drinking.  I got used to the hot chai offered there, and later back home the world of tea was open to me.  So when Tea Box Express reached out, offering to let me review their monthly subscription box, I was definitely excited!

Tea Box Express is relatively new; they kicked off in October 2014.  It is the creation of Andrea Reese, a New York City based entrepreneur and lover of tea whose brainchild resulted in an exciting monthly box of quality tea and fun “tea things” that any fan of tea will be thrilled to open.

I think I was expected a relatively plain box of tea samples.  What I got was a tea experience which is what I think sets these boxes apart.  I was given a box of Teapigs tea, scone mix, jam, clotted cream, and adorable little spoon and pitcher which is perfect for adding milk to tea int he British "cuppa" style.  I had some time on a Sunday afternoon to unwind, so I dove headfirst into the real tea experience.

First off, I love Sticky Fingers scone mix.  You seriously just add water.  I mixed mine up with a fork, then plopped it onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and baked.  I don't like neat/pretty scones.  I like scones that are imperfect, because they have those little jagged bits that stick up and get a little crunchier than the rest.  These mixes are perfect for inexperienced (or short-on-time) bakers!  Kids would have fun with this too.

Tea Box Express really nailed it by including the jam and clotted cream.  I'd never tried clotted cream before, and it was so different!  Kind of buttery and creamy at the same time.  I really enjoyed combining the two on the scones, especially hot out of the oven.

For the tea, I decided to add milk like the included card recommended, and I really liked it!  It was another first for me, adding milk to tea.  I really felt like I was getting this special experience by following the box's guidance.  I could totally serve an English-style tea, complete with scones, when I have visitors to our apartment.  I served the tea in my Iraqi tea set, just because it's shiny.

Overall, I was really impressed by the collection in this box.  It's obvious a lot of care went into curating each individual item to combine.  (I know people hate overusing the word curating, but that's what this box was!  They did it!)  I think this would be the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, a way that they can have a little tea experience above and beyond the "cuppa."

  • Price: $25.50 for month-to-month, $74 for 3 months, and $139 for 6 months. Shipping is $5.99/month.
  • Availability: Currently available only in the US
  • Each box includes: 1 high quality tea and 3 or 4 accessories per month
  • Premier box launched: October 2014
  • Deadline for current month’s box: The 5th of each month (example: February’s box deadline is October 5th)
  • Each box ships: on the 15th of each month
Looking to try it yourself?  Use the promo code AUBREYLAND20 for 20% off your first month when monthly recurring subscription is purchased.  Or better yet, enter to win the March box for FREE, courtesy of Tea Box Express!  Use the Rafflecopter to get your chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  I received the January 2015 Tea Box Express kit at no charge,  in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own!  Tea Box Express is sponsoring a giveaway via my blog post, as well as offering a promotional discount code for my readers.

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  1. I am a huger herbal tea fan and I also love rooibos. When I'm feeling fancy I use my Iraqi Tea set too!

  2. Great post, Aubrey! What a great idea - tea box of the month! Those scones look SOOO good. And I agree that the only way to eat them is with jam and cream on top - yum! I love all kinds of tea - peppermint, rooibos, earl grey, fruity teas.... I also love how tea can help your body achieve certain goals. For example, I drink a lot of Mother's Milk tea right now, which is great for milk production. There are so many great teas out there!

  3. WHAT? A TEA SUBSCRIPTION BOX? This is awesome pants. And the little scones are perfect. My only problem would be I already have a cabinet full of tea, would I get around to drinking this tea too? But these are two things that I find absolutely irresistible.

  4. Oooh I hope I win! I'm so intrigued. Also tea with milk is a whole new world! I used to work with a Brit and he made me try it in that month I gave up coffee. Worst month ever!

  5. I have been on a tea kick for the past 8 months! I try to drink 3-4 glasses a day, simply for the healing & hydration benefits! Green tea (for detox, wellness & immunity) is my fave...

  6. I have a lot of friends who drink that Mother's Milk tea!

  7. I love Japanese matcha green tea!

  8. Holy crap this is like the most exciting subscription box I've ever seen.

  9. I like English and Irish Breakfast Tea and also Chai Tea

  10. Chai and also almost any berry based blend

  11. My favorite type of tea is probably the Cherry Berry tea by Celestial seasonings...though I am still trying to find the strawberry tea that was my first hot tea experience ever. I haven't found any that have that strong strawberry flavor I remember.

  12. I'm a big fan of this coconut chai a friend sent me.

  13. First time on your blog after doing a search on Threshold bar carts (loved the D.I.Y you did, my boyfriend wanted to build us one, but your hack gave us TONS of ideas). My favorite tea would be Peppermint/Spearmint by Bigelow!

  14. Came across your blog when doing a search on the gold Threshold bar cart (my boyfriend was going to build us one, but after seeing your hack I'm convinced that's the perfect one!) My favorite tea is the Bigelow peppermint/spearmint and the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. We're big tea drinkers here and with the snow (we're from Charlotte, NC) we're drinking our weight in it! Glad, I found your blog, it's great!


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