Saturday, January 31, 2015

Epcot, Then & Now

When I was little, before even Sissy was born, my awesome parents took me to Disney World to meet up with some friends.  I found photos from the visit in my computer files.

So when we decided that Epcot would be the park we visit while at Disney for the marathon, we decided we had to pose for another photo, just the three of us!

We rode Soarin', walked through the entire World Showcase, and ate lunch at Chefs de France.  My Mom made me speak in French to the waiter (which embarrassed me at first) but in the end turned out to be a really pleasant chat!  Thanks to our server Etienne for a great meal (I had the Croque Monsieur) and testing my language skills.

It was really kind of fun to go to Disney World with my parents as an adult, because I know I'll remember it even better than I did as a kid.  They've taken me to Disney World and Disneyland more times than I can honestly remember.  I'm a pretty lucky "kid" if you hadn't guessed.

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  1. So sweet! I just did the same thing -- got to enjoy the parks with my family for a grownup family vacation during marathon weekend. It was fun to revisit old favorites (we miss the corny song they used to play at the end of The Land boat ride and the old Journey Into Imagination!) and act like kids again :)

  2. I wish we'd had time for the Magic Kingdom, as I have great memories of It's a Small World with my parents!


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