Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Ten Jack

Ever since I read Ivan Ramen, I've been craving ramen.  I don't care if it is 90 degrees in Nashville, I wanted that hot noodle goodness.  So since Lauren and I were overdue for a girl date, I headed to her 'hood in East Nashville to get some Two Ten Jack.

We chose to sit outside, which at the time was perfectly fine, until the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.  So I chose a refreshing drink to start, the shochu & house ginger/pineapple tonic.  It was delicious and not too strong, which anyone who knows me is my m.o.

We started with the salmon nanbanzuke, which was basically large salmon cubes breaded and fried, served with a spicy sweet + sour sauce.  I very rarely eat seafood at all, but I'm game to try just about anything once!  I ate a my whole portion of this.  The salmon was more cooked towards the outside (obviously) but the inside was definitely less so and very good.  It's fun to hang out with Lauren because she knows her food, and using chopsticks is easy as a fork.

For a main dish, I ordered the tonkotsu ramen.  I just had to.  I didn't care that sweat was dripping down my back/legs.  I did it all for the ramen.  It felt like a never-ending bowl of comfort.  The egg was delicious, and the fatty pork was so yummy.  I felt like I barely made a dent, but it stuffed myself as much as possible.  The noodles were perfect too.  This definitely makes me want to hunt down more ramen when I travel.

'd definitely come back to Two Ten Jack.  I tasted Lauren's garlic noodles, which were like grown up garlic mac 'n' cheese awesomeness.  Her sushi looked amazing too.  Everything was fresh and good!

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  1. The main dish looks amazing, as does the drink. Makes me think of the lapu lapu at the polynesian. So yummy!

  2. It was very good! The bowl seemed bottomless, like I barely made a dent!


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