Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Best: Something Old, Something New

This round for Sunday Best, I stuck my DSLR and tripod in the trunk of my car (Fran-style!) and used a remote.  Next step is working on adorable poses so I don't look wacky.  But at least you're not getting a mirror selfie, right?

This was a workweek outfit that I threw together one morning before heading out.  I liked it so much that I grabbed the camera to capture it!  The skirt is probably 2+ years old, and it still had tags on it.  I felt I needed to wear it or else I ought to sell it/give it away.  And it turns out, I love it.  The top is a freebie my Mom gave me last weekend, brand new from a sale at Macy's.  It'll be great with jeans at work too, but I needed some black.

My brooch has kittens playing with a ball of yarn.

Not the most flattering angle... maybe I should have added a petticoat.
Top: Macy's via Mom (similar)
Skirt: Whtie House Black Market (similar)
Shoes:  Bait Footwear (similar)
Kittens Brooch:  Vintage Avon (Etsy)

When I got to work, one of my coworkers was like, "You dressed up!"  And yet it was just a random outfit combo I put together.  I guess I should try to do this more often, and bring more of my personal style to the office.

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  1. You dressed up... lol. It makes me laugh when people think that just because you're wearing a skirt you're dressed up. Those two are not the same. Yay for more outfit photos! I love the stripes on that skirt too. There's a blue and white version on piperlime that I would love to get my hands on right now.

  2. so cute! those yellow shoes with the black and white work really well (:

  3. Yeah, dresses and skirts get a lot of notice in a casual office! Silly but true. Dresses are way easier than anything; people just don't realize it.

  4. Thanks! The shoes are very comfy too.

  5. I'm glad you kept this skirt--it's super cute! And those shoes!! Swoon. Love this. And I totally got your "Fran-style" reference :P

  6. Thanks, Marissa! The only problem I'm finding with my car trunk photo method is the sun in my eyes. Yikes! I have another post drafted for this Sunday but my squinty eyes are awful.

  7. That skirt is adorable! You should absolutely wear it more. Also my theory with a black and white print is it works with any color top or accessory. Bonus versatility!!!

  8. That's why I bought it in the first place... then I felt it wasn't casual enough or was too fancy at any given time to wear it. I'm still going through my closet trying to purge stuff I don't wear, and it's at the point where it's getting tough. But that doesn't mean I don't still have way too much!


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