Monday, July 28, 2014

Bavaria: Schloss Neuschwanstein, Austria, and Oberammergau

It's official...  I've now been to Schloss Neuschwanstein for the third time in my life.  It's the castle that inspired Disney, the incomplete magnum opus of "Mad" king Ludwig II.  And since I am interested in Ludwig's short but fascinating life, I was game to go back once more since Sissy could not remember the first trip.  The castle actually faces another castle where the royal family spent time, but Ludwig was building a true fairy tale into the mountain.  Sadly, he lived in it only a short while, and construction halted when he died his untimely death.  (Note to self: find photos from each visit and compare!)

It's a steep, sweaty hike up to the castle, but we braved it!  You have to buy a ticket at the bottom to get a reservation for a specific tour time, so it's best if you either get there early or reserve in advance.  Then you join the short guided tour (no photos allowed) to sneak a peek at what was completed in Ludwig's lifetime.

After Neuschwanstein, we drove via Austria towards Schloss Linderhof and Oberammergau.  We passed beautiful water and vistas, and we had to stop for a photo op.  I went down to the water and tasted it... pure and cold and delish!  I would have filled a bottle with it if I had one.
We stopped at Schloss Linderhof before Oberammergau, but I'll share that with you in my next post.  To round out this one, here are a couple snaps from our brief stop in Oberammergau.  It's a town that prayed to be spared from disaster by promising to put on a passion play every decade, and so now its buildings are covered in Biblical scenes.  They have a theater where the play is performed... next one is in 2020.  There's not much going on in town, but there are lots of woodwork shops and cute buildings.  Worth a pitstop!

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  1. I wanted to stop in the little town so much! It looks really cute.

  2. Oberammergau, as cute as it is, is even more touristy than Salzburg. It's just tons of tourist shops to browse, and pretty expensive. It's funny how both Oberammergau and Salzburg both look so gorgeous in photos, but were the most dull stops of the trip... that's how it goes sometimes I guess!


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