Sunday, February 9, 2014


A few weeks ago, it was Restaurant Week again in Nashville!  I love trying new-to-me spots during the twice-annual Nashville Originals promotions.  It's a great excuse to check out someplace I might not otherwise have eaten.

August 2013:  Mere Bulles
January 2014: Watermark

This year, Linds and I decided to make dinner plans since we hadn't gotten together in a bit.  After browsing menus, we made a reservation at the upscale Gulch restaurant Watermark.  They had a fantastic Restaurant Week three-course menu, with plenty of options, for $30.14, about the price of their typical entree.

For my first course, I had the Potato Chowder, a cheddar creme soup with scallions.  It also came with an adorable ham biscuit on the side.  It was good!  (Although as gauche as it may be to admit it, O'Charley's will always have my favorite cheddar potato soup.  LOL)

For my second course, we both chose the Hanger Steak Au Poivre on a bed of spinach and bacon, which came with pomme frites and a roasted red pepper ketchup.  The steak was fantastic!  It was cooked as I wanted (medium) and very tasty and tender.  The fries were top-notch.  Isn't it funny how at a fancy restaurant they can really nail a "fast food" like fries?  Perfectly crispy and not greasy.  The spicy ketchup was interesting too; I am not a spicy-leaning person, but it was a great flavor on the fries.

Finally, for dessert, I chose the Profiteroles with chocolate sauce.  Delicious!  Linds chose the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with dulce de leche, which she preferred to my dessert.  I agree that her dessert was delicious, and I love anything with dulce de leche!  If I came back I would want to try that dessert again.

Sorry my photos aren't so great, but mood lighting plus iPhones just don't make for the greatest shots.  But I promise you, it was all delicious!  I am finally adult enough to taste everything on a prix fixe menu but not feel obligate to clean every plate.  I find that it has helped me walk away from a meal feeling satisfied, stimulated, and not miserable for indulging.  Watermark was a great way to spend a girls' night out!  We found our server to be attentive and welcoming, the courses came fast, and we didn't feel rushed.

P.S.  We started with drinks at Bar Louie and took this photo on Linds' phone.  Yay!  A picture that isn't food!  LOL

P.P.S.  I noticed as we walked through the Gulch that a new Burger Republic has opened, along with a new pub.  SCORE!  Even though distance-wise the Lenox location is closer to us, time-wise it is faster to get to the Gulch on the Interstate.

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  1. my mouth is totally watering! all looks delicious :)

    1. It looked even better in person, my pictures were terrible!

  2. Replies
    1. It was super tasty. I'm a picky eater (veggies aren't my thing) but still consider myself a foodie because I will try at least a bite of just about anything. This was a good meal!

  3. Mmmm, your first course sounds delish! Sopping up some cheddar soup with a ham biscuit!

    1. I admittedly didn't get through it all... I love cheddar soup, but I'm lactose intolerant so I just enjoyed a nice sampling with the biscuit! :)

      I don't work out to lose weight. I work out so I can eat ALL THE THINGS.


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