Thursday, February 13, 2014

Biscuit Love Truck at the Franklin Farmers Market (@BiscuitLuvTruck)

I haven't hit up the Nashville food truck scene... until now.  I've been tracking a few of them on Twitter, and I found out some come by the nearby Franklin Farmer's Market.  Biscuit Love Truck was definitely my wishlist, with its scratch-made biscuit sandwiches.

As I waited in line, the chef asked me if I like kimchi.  I told him that surprisingly, I don't like it even though I'm Korean.  Undeterred, he handed me a bowl of kimchi soup with noodles.  I skipped the cabbage, but the spicy noodles and broth were great!  It kept me warm as the snow flurried around.  (I noticed later that this broth and noodles are part of the Old Sober sandwich a play on New Orleans' yaka mein craze.)

For Dan, I took home the Gertie (named after the owners' daughter), which had caramelized banana jam, houseground peanut butter with pretzel crunch, and Olive & Sinclair chocolate gravy, all on that scratchmade biscuit.  It was soooo rich!  Dan had to take a break and eat it in two rounds.  It was a decadent dessert for sure!

This photo does nothing to capture the sheer deliciousness of this decadent biscuit.

I took a more traditional breakfast sandwich combo, the S.E.C.  My biscuit had a locally smoked sausage patty, fried farm egg, and Sweetwater cheddar cheese.  It was perfect!  The sausage had a fantastic spice to it, and the egg (which I ordered over medium) was one of the best parts.

Biscuit Love fulfilled all my expectations of a good food truck.  It was locally sourced, fresh, and creative.  You could tell that the Worleys are cooking up something special, and you can tell they are dedicated as they showed up in spite of the cold and "weather" we've been having in the area.  Next time, I want to try one of their other awesome combinations of flavor!


  1. I have only eaten there at lunch. I have had the Princess (made with Prince's hot chicken) and then one that had chicken and a tomato gravy on it at the tomato arts fest. All of them were really good and the people that work there are really nice. Slowly, I am trying to check off all the Nashville food trucks. None of them have really disappointed...except Pizza Buds, but I am told by my fella that I just caught them on an off day.

    1. I want to tried Grilled Cheeserie and Crepe a Diem soon. Bacon Nation is a new one that I must add to the list because BACON. Bao Down is one that is coming soon that I'll have my eye on.


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