Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crepe a Diem (@crepeadiem)

The food truck bug has bitten me you guys... now I'm following a bunch on Twitter and stalking them.  Fortunately for me, both Biscuit Love and Crepe a Diem frequent the Franklin Farmers Market, just down the road from where I live.  I decided to go for breakfast on a chilly Saturday morning, accompanied by Dan.

I decided to go with their breakfast crepe, the Crepe Complete. They totally complimented me on my correct pronunciation, which made this French major way too happy. I guess my studying paid off, LOL. I love the combination of eggs, ham, and cheese. It came out so perfectly; it's the best crepe I've had in the greater Nashville area, done the right way like they do in France.  I cut the crepe in half and rolled it up to eat it as we walked around the market.

Dan had a crepe with Nutella and strawberries, as he's the one with the biggest sweet tooth.  He really liked it.  I wouldn't hesitate to head back to Crepe a Diem to get my crepe fix and a little foodie escape back to my time in France!

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  1. RE: Food truck obsession -- me too. I don't follow any because I kind of like just wandering around the few spots they tend to congregate and finding out who's where today.

    1. It's tougher in Nashville... just not a good walkable/bikeable place to peruse. Though I have tracked these down at my local Farmers Market knowing they'll be there, and have figured out which trucks come close to my work.


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