Sunday, October 6, 2013

Huntsville, Alabama

I am super behind in blogging, but I wanted to write a quick post about a day trip I made to Huntsville, Alabama!  My friends EM and CM recently moved from South Bend to Huntsville, which happens to be only 90 minutes away from moi...  which means I get to see them way more often than every few years.

True to form, it rained.  It has rained every time we meet up... zip-lining in St. Lucia, visiting Conner Prairie, and now Huntsville.  No mind though, I had a fantastic day with friends!   Even though it was a drive both ways, I felt so relaxed and happy.

Since Huntsville has a number of former military folks, there are a few Korean restaurants in the area to choose from.  We decided to try one, but while the meal was delicious it definitely was more expensive than it should have been.  Pretty authentic, but for the portion received it was pricey.  Still, my tummy was surely happy!

Despite the rain, we headed up to Monte Sano State Park to check out the view from the mountain.  Not only was the view awesome, but there was a big art festival happening!  There was a beautiful lodge to explore, plus tons of tents with eclectic and beautiful art.  I think our favorite was the great woodwork done by a few of the artisans, creating unique and beautiful furniture pieces.  I only wish I could afford them!

After checking out the view, we headed to the M home to spend some time with what I affectionately call "the zoo".  EM used to be a zookeeper, and their home is full of some of the nicest pets I've ever met: two dogs, three cats, and two birds, all rescues and beloved pets!  I got a photo with a few of the brood that would join me.  Swoon.

Our dinner may have been one of my favorite events of the day... delivery Papa John's pizza, enjoyed during the Notre Dame game.  It was just insanely nice to kick back and relax with my friends, forgetting about work and school and responsibilities.  Plus, the adorable pup Carrot Cake was a great cuddle buddy!

I can't wait to spend more time with my friends now that they are closer.


  1. Yay so many animals! :) Great landscape photo too.
    And thanks for doing an ad swap with me!

    Michelle @

    1. Not bad for iPhone pics, eh? Love your blog, thanks for the swap!


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