Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I enjoy getting dressed up for Halloween!  I really didn't get into it until college, but dressing up this year made me think back to past costumes.  Here's what I can remember of the past 10 years of Halloween costumes...  Do you have any favorites from your past?
  • 2003:  Cheerleader & Superhero (TWO!)
  • 2004:  Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
  • 2005:  n/a (semester in France)
  • 2006:  80s Girl
  • 2007:  Witch
  • 2008:  Playboy Bunny (not my favorite)
  • 2009:  Cleopatra
  • 2010:  Luigi from Super Mario Bros. (in Iraq!)
  • 2011:  n/a (I think I just stayed home... rough year)
  • 2012:  Psy, from "Gangnam Style"

  • 2013:  Willie from Duck Dynasty


  1. ummm..your Psy costume just made me laugh outloud. IT IS PERFECT!

    1. Yeah, everyone at work loved that one. Truth by told the only thing I had to buy was the jacket from Forever 21! Everything else I already owned. Buy me a beer and I'll feel froggy enough to do the dance for ya. :)

  2. I love your commitment and willingness to cross-dress! My costume this year was one of my favorites (JEM!), tied with the Queen of Spades and maybe Darth Maul. In full makeup. (Full photo evidence on the blog.)

    1. Go big or go home, right? Haha. I never really dressed up in high school; I think it was the decade spent in monotonous uniforms that made me want to take advantage of Halloween!

      Although I must admit, the boyfriend was NOT a fan this year. I think the beard matching my hair was too convincing. He liked Psy last year because I still looked like a girl dressed as Psy, but this year I was just too far into it for his liking. Maybe had something to do with me surprising him with the beard as a joke. Poor traumatized guy.

      Still, glad you'll get to meet him in December!!!

    2. You should totally blame him for the beard, you know they say couples tend to look alike over time. Excited to meet him too!


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