Friday, October 25, 2013

At Home: On the Walls

I am not an interior decorator.  But living in an apartment with beige walls, I wanted to add things to the space to break it up a bit and make it feel more at home.  I actually have more stuff on the walls than I did when I had a house!  Duke and I both like having quirky walls.

Here are the latest new additions...

In the Bedroom:  I had Kaelah create a quote from one of Duke's favorite books for our room.  The wood look is very him (he loves woodworking) and it added a nice touch to an otherwise-feminine room.

In the Living Room:  These are wacky, I know.   But when we saw the art prints that the Russian Hermitage commissioned in honor of their resident cats, we decided it would make an awesome installation for our living room.  These hang behind the couch, so they are a little surprise!  The middle one looks like Bear a bit.  We ordered cheap frames from Amazon, and the art prints via DeviantArt from the artist, Eldar Zakirov.  The prints were VERY high quality and well-priced, so I was impressed!  We have named them, from left to right, Grigori Catsputin, Wolfington Bearovic (after WolfBear), and Mikhail Baryshnikat.

In the Dining Room:  I had this wine glass rack made from recycled wine barrels already, but then I found this old barn painting that a family friend made.  It was in my parents' basement storage area, so I stole it and added it to the top.  I love the look, and it reminds me of Indiana!

In the Kitchen:  I loved the sign that Kaelah made for our room so much, I decided I needed a little series of them for the kitchen.  The signs are a conversation featuring Lucille on Arrested Development, and it just felt right to make our kitchen a little more "us".

In the Guest Room:  This is where I had ZERO stuff on the walls and decided to step it up.  It really brings the whole room together, though it is admittedly "my" room.

The little wooden unit it another steal from my parents' basement, and the items on it are mostly from my grandmother's sewing room.  I keep it there to remind me of her.  The little prints featuring Flapper Girl in her cat-loving goodness are from one of my favorite bloggers, Kate Gabrielle at Scathingly Brilliant.  She had a great sale on Flapper Doodle prints so I got them for $1 each, then added Dollar Tree frames.  $6 install!

I got these two plates while I was in Iraq; they're hand-painted from Turkey.  They were so pretty, but I worried that on the mantle they would get knocked over by Bear's climbing antics.  I got a couple of plate hangers from Amazon to put these safely on the walls.  If I feel froggy and collect more pretty plates, I may just hang a collection of them in the kitchen above my cabinets... but with only two, these look better in the guest room.

I had a ton of vintage sewing patterns that I thought were so pretty...  but they weren't showcased in any way.  So I took six of them and put them in Dollar Tree frames, with wrapping paper in the background.  Should have used scrapbook paper for ease of working with it, but it fills a huge empty void by the guest bed.

Do you have anything interesting on your walls?


  1. Replies
    1. Hysterical, right? We both just HAD to have them, and they're such a conversation piece. The artwork is really, really well done. And if we ever tire of them, we'll use the frames for something else. We get a kick out of them every day, which is what counts!

  2. Love that everything is reflective of you & D! I'm an indifferent decorator and only change things every pcs, but now I'm inspired!

    1. I figure my house will be a version of my parents, randomly decorated based on where in the world we've lived... Korean art next to German nutcrackers next to cross-stitch/Grandma Moses. LOL

      I do love that my apartment reflects us. Makes the beige confines feel more home-y.

  3. I love the arrested development signs above the oven! I love my Kaelah sign but am still finding the perfect spot to hang it!

    1. I totally didn't put the larger Kaelah sign where I originally intended, but once you find it, you'll know!


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