Monday, August 5, 2013

Montana Silversmiths - A Customer Service Story

Last Christmas, as part of a family gift exchange, I received a silver necklace from my Uncle's girlfriend's daughter in North Dakota.  When I wore it to work, I received a ton of compliments, so the shiny, dual-toned necklace quickly became a regular part of my outfits.  It matched almost everything.

Triple Ring Necklace, back in stock and way prettier in person!

Well, a few months after Christmas, the chain broke.  It wasn't just a standard silver chain, either.  I loved the rope chain and lamented the loss.  I even tried to string the pendants on another chain, but nothing looked right.

Finally, I decided to contact Montana Silversmiths, who sold the necklace.  I e-mailed them a photo of me wearing the necklace, asking if it would be possible to order a replacement chain.  I explained that I received it as a gift for Christmas and wondered what the cost would be.  (It's real silver, after all!)

I received a prompt reply back from their representative, asking for my mailing address.  As the necklace had been purchased within the last year, they wanted to go ahead and send me a replacement free of charge.  FREE. OF. CHARGE.  The picture of me wearing my necklace and my honest dialogue/inquiry were enough to help them provide me a replacement while it was under warranty.

I can't say enough about this amazing customer service experience, so I'm putting it here on the blog.  I would not hesitate to buy from this company in the future, and I am wearing my necklace as I type!

If you're a rider, there are TONS of horse/tack-inspired pieces, belt buckles, and more.  I'm kind of digging this rope cuff myself!

Twisted Rope Bracelet

I also think these earrings would be perfect for Sissy.

Storyteller Feather Earrings

THANK YOU MONTANA SILVERSMITHS for your outstanding customer service.  I love my necklace!

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