Wednesday, August 21, 2013

bareMinerals Get Started Kit

I'm not a makeup pro.  I'm lucky if I put it on.  But I use a mixture of products from Sephora and drugstores, and I have a decent five-minute face routine.  I've been a fan and user of Bare Minerals for almost a decade now.

I had used up the last of my foundation, so I headed to my local JCPenney Sephora boutique.  (I'm a VIB member at Sephora.)  Since I needed new brushes too, I headed for a Get Started Kit and was blown away by the improvements!  This is seriously the best makeup set ever.  Best they've ever put together, in my opinion, and it's only at Sephora.

image from Sephora

First off, I know it sounds crazy to get a starter kit when you're a longtime user, but the truth is you should replace your brushes every so often.  Secondly, you need to check the expiration dates on your makeup!  I go through periodic purges.  With this kit, I was able to get everything I needed totally refreshed.

Included in my amazing Medium Beige kit (only $68!):

  • Original SPF 15 Foundation 
  • Matte SPF 15 Foundation --- my fav!
  • SPF 20 Concealer 
  • Warmth All-Over Face Color 
  • Mini bareMinerals READY® SPF 15 Touch Up Veil in Translucent --- for your purse
  • Mini Prime Time™ Original Foundation Primer 
  • Full Flawless Face Brush --- best brush ever!
  • Angled Face Brush 
  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
  • Deluxe travel bag with inside pouches

My once-chaotic bags of makeup mess are now neatly consolidated.  The bag is so user-friendly I leave it on my vanity and use it every day.  I also think the new brushes do a much better coverage job.  Perfect!

And can I talk about the case?  I've needed a new case for a while, but never found one that was the right fit.  OMG.  My entire routine fits within this kit.  The brushes have their own special place!  It's perfect for my travels, too.

Do you have any makeup must-haves?


  1. Nice travel kit! My makeup kit is pretty much one large case with a mish mash of smaller cases, miscellany in it. I need some organization.

    1. Oh, my kit was a hot mess. Don't get my started on my vanity drawer. When I traveled, I shoved everything into one powder-covered bag and just rolled with it. Now it's all neat and tidy every day. Makes me ridiculously happy!

  2. All this for SIXTY EIGHT DOLLARS?! Sweet!

    1. Yeah... it's a big chunk of change to spend all at once, but even if you bought the drugstore equivalents for each item you would be hard pressed to do it for under $68. This is great quality stuff!

  3. My brushes are at least 7 years old. Maybe it's time to think about an upgrade! That case is awesome, too. Love Bare Minerals.

    1. Brushes last a while, but I know I don't always clean mine as well/often as I should, so I end up losing more makeup in them than ends up on my face! :) I probably get new ones every couple of years as part of a kit.


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