Saturday, August 17, 2013

Checking in with Bear

Oh, Bear.  What ever will I do with this little monster?

This face...

Duke and I were traveling separately and had to leave Bear on his own for the first time.  We had his foster mama come visit, but the one night he was alone/unsupervised he apparently got very bored.  I came home to find he had learned to climb on top of the fridge, tore into and ate TWO FULL PACKAGES OF TREATS, and had destroyed a couple of toys and a little bit of carpet.  Sigh.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

The next time I had to travel, we took him to his foster mama's house to stay, almost like a kitty day care.  He got to sniff some of the other kittens, and for a while we seriously thought about getting him a companion.  But in the end we realized he just needs attention and can't be left alone too long at such a young age.  He is so happy being the baby.

A new development is Bear started to paw at our faces to wake us up.  He usually waits until the morning, but he is very careful not to use claws.  It's kind of like a gentle pat when he does it, and it never fails to make me laugh.

I think my favorite thing is how he always meets us at the door, chirping!  I also love when he lets himself get super comfy and cuddly, rolling onto his back like a little furry baby.  He's our happy little man.  Can't believe he's over 7 months old now.

My favorite photo of the moment, on my lap!


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