Thursday, July 18, 2013

Semi-DIY Curtains

I think I saw something about making window curtains from shower curtains via Pinterest or Twitter or something recently.  (Was it you, JTal?)  Anyways, Duke and I were noticing how unbearably warm our bedroom becomes since our large window (and its cheap, apartment complex blinds) don't block the sunlight on the weekends when we try to sleep in.

As I was browsing Target's selection, I got a bit peeved that each curtain panel was like $30.  Seriously?  Why don't they sell them in pairs?  Weird.

Testing out the size...

Then I noticed that the shower curtains were indeed much cheaper, and they were the perfect size for our large windows.  BOOM.  So I picked up a pair and took them home.  $20 for a curtain.  I chose their blue Bird Shower Curtain in their Threshold line, available in-store.

Bear enjoys the bird pattern.

I didn't end up liking the one I chose for the bedroom (too sheer), but I did keep one for the guest room.  I hung the panel up to check the fit (Duke installed the basic curtain rods) and then I snipped the thing in half.

Cut it straight up the middle!

I did sew up the cut ends, though to be honest I didn't do any folding, pressing, or pinning.  I just rapid-sewed the thing up.  Kind of janky.  But I like the panels a lot, and I think they add something to the room to make it look more put together!

Lazy sewing...

Finished product, in poor lighting, but not too shabby!

I'm still shopping for curtains for the bedroom to solve our problem, but I'm also browsing for new, more gender-neutral bedding.  (Now that we're cohabitating, my turquoise/pink bedspread is a bit much.  Duke says he doesn't care, but I think it may be time for a change.)  So I'll post back if I figure out that situation!


  1. Using a shower curtain for window curtains? Brilliant. Now all I need to do is learn how to use a sewing machine...

    1. Depending on the material, you don't even need to know how to sew! If you have an iron, you can press the edge and then use a no-sew fabric glue, like Liquid Stitch to keep it together! I imagine it would last about a year before needing a touch-up. Simple and easy. And since it's a cheap DIY, why not?


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