Sunday, July 14, 2013

Canoeing the Harpeth

This weekend, one of the super fun activities I planned was to take a canoe down the Harpeth with Mom and Sissy.  Well, combining Mom's fear of water with faster/deeper waters from lots of rain, it wasn't the most brilliant of plans.

That said, with Sissy's help as chief navigator and paddler, we survived our 5-mile journey down the Harpeth.  We rented a canoe from Foggy Bottom, and it took about 90 minutes for our entire trip.

It was a gorgeous morning, and the river was quiet and very pretty!  (And foggy... haha.)  We ran aground a couple of times, but we found our way.  I definitely see myself coming back with Duke or friends.  Not a bad way to get a little arm workout and enjoy nature!


  1. This looks fun! Oh, I want to go canoeing or kayaking again soon. 90 minutes isn't bad at all... *note to self*

    1. It took me like 40 minutes to get there from Franklin, but it's not far off the Interstate. And since we all fit in one canoe, it was just like $36 or something. Not bad!

      I think it'd be really fun to pack a picnic, then take a break ashore to eat before continuing on. :)


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