Monday, July 22, 2013

Semi-DIY Curtains, Round 2

This striped shower curtain at West Elm caught my eye online as a possibility for bedroom curtains, but supposedly the thing is sold out everywhere and backordered until August.  Bleh.  Undeterred, I chose the zigzag pattern to see if I liked it in our room.  These shower curtains cost $39 at West Elm (yowza) but they're a great weight and way cheaper than their $55-75 per curtain panel prices.

I know, my cell phone photos are totally lacking.

Before cutting.

I put the whole curtain up on the window again to see if I liked it.  With my own self-approval, I then made the cut and stitched up the rough edges, this time folding/pinning.  I totally treated this more expensive shower curtain better than the Target one.  I'm ridiculous.

They aren't blackout curtains like Duke may have been hankering for (I may order some blackout curtain liner to sew onto these later), but I really like the look!  Despite the pattern, I feel like it will match just about any bedspread I put on the bed.

I dig it.

Speaking of, I'm on the hunt for a good bedspread that's less girly.  I like grey/yellow, but not finding what I'm looking for.  Sigh.  Maybe an ikat print?  We'll see.


  1. Cute! I don't think this idea came from me, but it's a good one. I've been looking for curtains recently too--had the same not-too-girlie-but-still-cute conundrum.

    1. I found it! You pinned these curtains and it inspired me.

  2. Your windows are huge! That must be so nice. I love Chevrons so now it is Sarah approved too!

    1. Yeah, they are basically 72x72 inch windows. Since, like many apartments, we only have one wall with windows, the windows in the Master and Guest bedrooms are this size. The window in the living room is a very large sliding glass door to the little deck. So while we have sunlight, it's great, but there are times certain areas of the apartment get very dark!


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