Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Long, Productive Weekend

Time for a ramblog!  I had a long, productive weekend for the July 4th holiday!  I opted not to go home to Indiana, given my emotional and physical exhaustion from wayyyyy too much travel.  There's something about airports that kills my mojo in general.  Still, I always feel like one of those wimpy celebrities that ends up hospitalized from exhaustion, just from living life.  #firstworldproblems much?

While I think my parents were hoping I'd visit, I don't think I could have spent my weekend in a more productive way.  (Sidenote: I'll see my family this weekend anyways!)  It rained almost every day, but I managed to work from home Friday, accomplish a zillion errands (pharmacy, post office, groceries, Goodwill, etc.), and even get some homework in.  I also did some leisurely wandering in Franklin for fun.  Duke worked much of the weekend, so I think the solo time was good for me.

Obviously, there were lapses in productivity, like when I created this photo.

I also spent my Sunday in a Type A whirlwind cleaning.  The trunk of my car is neat, the apartment is neat (minus my nightstand and pantry), and I totally reorganized the guestroom.  I also read an entire book (Superfreakonomics) for fun.  And it was free, because libraries rule.

The reason I was reorganizing the guestroom was twofold: one, I wanted space for a vertical bike rack, and two, I wanted the sewing machine nearer to the window for better light.  The result even impressed Duke, as something about moving that furniture made the room seem like less of a "bonus room full of random stuff" and more of a put-together space.  It even feels bigger.

So much more space for activities!!!

And yes, we're for sure shopping for bicycles!  After visiting Sissy in Arizona and riding her roomie's cruiser, then getting mucho encouragement from Lauren and Trisha at our blogger meetup, I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I went from thinking about a Walmart bike to test riding better machines at local bike shops (as mentioned in a previous post).  This weekend, we decided to commit and buy a trunk rack for my car, to hold these hypothetical bikes.  My hope is that my bike is assembled this week, tests well, and is in my possession SOON.  We're already talking about riding to the farmer's market and downtown Franklin Baskin Robbins and Mellow Mushroom... as soon as I learn how to shift gears and make turns without fear of falling.  Because that is the reality of the situation for me at this point.  Patience.

Oh, and check out my "Monday" outfit... cleaning out my closet made me realize I needed to wear some pieces more often (like my shoes) or else add them to the Poshmark or Goodwill piles.  So I decided to get all fancy like a businesswoman  lady who lunches and pair some orange heels with my new Kate Spade bag and a dress from Sam's Club.  Yeah, that Sam's Club.

Sam's Club plus Kate Spade.  Yep.

I may have bought three dresses there last month.  But it doesn't count because they were like $50 total.  Plus my lunch only cost $1.50 because that's how much the best hot dogs ever cost plus a drink.  Add an extra dollar if you're counting a cinnamon sugar soft pretzel.  Because I maybe got that too.

Peace!  I'm wearing jeans today.

Don't forget about my magazine subscription giveaway ending tomorrow!!!


  1. LOL. There's so much more room for activities! I say that every time we move furniture. Our county is written up in several biking magazines as being friendly for road biking. I have got to get mine fixed!

  2. sounds like an awesome weekend! nick and i have decided to take advantage of the nashville greenway more so if you get all saddled up then call me and we can ride sometime <3 yay for sewing and biking

    1. Ooh, that sounds amazing! I would love that. Let me tell you, I rode slowly for 25 minutes yesterday in the heat just to ply and it wore me out! I know this is gonna get me in better shape. :) I am already having fun.


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