Monday, February 11, 2013

Funny Women

I don't watch as much TV as I used to, but there's one thing that keeps me coming back every time.  Funny women.  And I'm not talking about silly women.  I'm talking clever, witty women.  And with the end of 30 Rock and the impending end (sob!) of Parks & Recreation, it really got me thinking about what these women mean to me.  Specifically, three who have resonated most with me.   They are smart, and I really REALLY wish I could be their friend in real life.  Because I feel like they'd get me.

Tina Fey.  She probably paved the way for this crop of witty women.  She also helped me feel good about being a brunette nerd in glasses.  While I don't watch much 30 Rock, I watched Tina religiously on SNL.  She gave us the best Sarah Palin impression ever, the first all-female Weekend Update, and "blerg".

Mindy Kaling.  Mindy is pretty close in age to me, and it seems we really like a lot of the same things.  (I follow her on Twitter.)  I love that she's just as obsessed with pop culture as me, that she's a curvy minority gal like I am.  We need to be friends.  Are you reading this Mindy?!  I love her show The Mindy Project.  It's smart and funny, just like she is.

Amy Poehler.  Oh, Amy.  I was Leslie Knope in high school.  I love her so much!  She just rocks my socks off.  I believed she and Will Arnett were the perfect comedy couple and flipped my lid when I heard they were splitting.  (I loved them on Arrested Development!)  I am CRUSHED that the show is ending.  NBC is making a huge mistake; this show hasn't even peaked yet.  It will forever be on repeat for me.  Amy is my spirit animal.  She is adorable and hilarious and brave.  I love her!


  1. There is something about Mindy Kaling that I absolutely love! I cannot quite put my finger on what it is but I think she is great :D

    1. I feel like she's just effervescent. She talks so quickly, she reminds you of a girl you know and like. She's delightfully awkward and cool at the same time.

  2. You have a very good tast in TV shows! Parks and recreations, 30 rock, and Arrested Development are some of my favorite shows too! I personally loved Amy the most!


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