Tuesday, February 26, 2013

French Culinary Basics at Viking Cooking School

You guys already know how much I love, um, "investing" in cooking classes at Viking Cooking School.  Truth be told, I'd live there if I could.  And each class, I really do learn things I'm going to be able to use and take away.

This weekend, I spent five hours (yup, FIVE) in French Culinary Basics, making an incredible menu of dishes that blew my mind.  IT WAS ALL AMAZING.  I still can't get over it.

 Boeuf Bourgignon
The Boeuf Bourgignon (any Julia Child fans out there?) was DELICIOUS.  Sure, it was time consuming.  But once you got it going, it was heavenly.  I would have eaten it by the bowlful for days.

Seafood Crepes & Cheese Souffles
I also made a heck of a lot of awesome crepes.  Everyone took turns, but I was one of the people who had good success and made a ton for the whole class.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the seafood filling (give me Nutella in a crepe any day!) but the crepes themselves were amazing.  I just don't really eat seafood; the fish fans in class gobbled them up!  :)

The cheese souffles came out as we hoped, and the French bread (made from scratch) was probably one of the best breads I've ever eaten.  Maybe that had something to do with having sweated over it, but it was so fulfilling to cook these dishes having appreciated them in France at one point.

This  bread was incredible!

Kevin, kitchen manager and fill-in teacher,  helping with the crepes
We made tarte tatin from scratch as well.  Impressive, right?  We didn't make the prettiest one, but it was tasty and fresh.

Tarte Tatin
YUM.  Just yum.  This is the best class I've taken at Viking thus far.  Hands down.  I would have paid just to eat the end result.

Have you cooked anything delicious lately?  Or maybe tried a new recipe?

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