Friday, February 22, 2013

February's Sponsors & Friends

It's time for my monthly highlight of my Sponsors & Friends!  Here are some snapshots of my favorites on their blogs this month.

1.  Lindsey Catarino - Lindsey's page always has the most awesome inspirational quotes!  (Not to mention fitness tips and recipes.)  My favorite for this month is a quote about turning dreams into plans.

2.  Once Upon a Stein - As the girlfriend of a brewer, I love this blog!  Girls can be beer geeks too.  This blog has all kinds of beer-related posts, but my favorite for this month is Banana Bread Beer Banana Bread, because Wells & Young's Banana Bread Beer is one of my favorites too!  Go Lacey!

3.  Musings of a Museum Fanatic - I love museums!  Betsy's blog is awesome, and one of the things I want to call out this month that she does is the 5 for 5.  She sets five goals to accomplish each week, then the next week reviews her progress!  Talk about accountability... I should try this myself.

4.  The Extraordinarily Ordinary - Jennifer is a real-life friend of mine, and I love everything she writes.  She's also one of the most social media-savvy people I know, and bound to be a top television producer someday.  The recent story (three-part) of her attempts to get a couch are hilarious, but this month I want to bring back an oldie but a goodie series, Anonymous text friend.

5.  Perks of Being a JAP - This month, my favorite post by Lacey is from Valentine's Day, because the photos of her baby Sadie made my day!  I am NOT a sucker for baby photos.  But I was so sad on Valentine's after losing Barley, this little one made me smile.

6.  Hey Miss Pickle - AndrĂ©anne loves cats, translates her blog into French, and posts really beautiful things online.  Happy face!  I think this month my favorite post of hers is Basic Muffin Batter, because I'm always ending up with extra "mix-ins" in the pantry that I am trying to find a use for, and this recipe is the perfect base to make the most magical muffins ever.

7.  The Infertility Overachievers - Aly's got her hands full with two toddlers and twin infants, so I'm going to call out a section of her blog that chronicles her Infertility Journey.  I think anyone who has encountered fertility struggles will understand and celebrate her path to motherhood!

8.  Caroline's Day - Caroline is teaching me to fill your closet with LOVEs, not just likes and basics.  That's something I need to focus on, quality over quantity.  This month, my favorite is how she created an outfit similar to a Gap dress she's had her eye on, using pieces from her own closet.

9.  Click Clack Clunk - Notice anything different lately on the blog?  HELLO, new design!  Thanks to Lauren, I have a great design and color scheme I feel like I actually want to KEEP for once!  (This blog has seen many self-attempted design incarnations.)  And shamelessly, my favorite this month on her blog is how she helped me with my redesign.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, friend! I need to a blogger post like yours on occasion.

  2. Replies
    1. Pixel is hands down the best name for a calico cat I've ever heard of. I wish I'd thought of it!


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