Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I'm Wearing Lately...

I'm trying to take more/better outfit photos... but sometimes I make weird faces or have bad angles.  Oh well.  You ain't here for a fashion blog!  :)  But what I've been trying to do for the new year is actually plan outfits the night before; I've noticed I get more compliments at work when I do that, and it boosts my confidence all day!

Dress from Dress Barn, Cardigan from C&A
See?  No makeup and a quinty eye.  But I love the geometric pattern on the dress, and it was a steal from Dress Barn!

Dress from Target, Belt from Jones New York
And here?  Weird serious face... but I love the fit of this clearance dress from Target, and the pop of yellow from the belt!  I might try it with the hot pink belt it came with too.

Shirt from Walmart, Bracelet from Arizona
I call this look "Lady Lumberjack" but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Aubrey:  Sweater from Old Navy, Collared Shirt and Skirt from Target
Caroline:  Same sweater, with J.Crew collared shirt and Mossimo cords
And I love that my friend Caroline saw my pic on Instagram in the morning and used it to quick-plan an outfit!  :)  We were foxy twins for a day.  TWINSIES!


  1. I love the polka dot dress!!! So cute!

    1. It may still be available! Try:

      I got it on clearance, and swapped the pink belt for a yellow one I already had. Thanks!

  2. You saved my outfit that day - hehe! Loving all of your outfits lately! :)

    1. I just love what it says about our long-distance friendship. We were matching in secret! :) Way cooler than matching together in public, right?


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