Sunday, January 27, 2013

(Almost) Free Glasses!

Even though I had corrective eye surgery when I was 21, I now have to wear glasses for night driving and staring at Powerpoint fine print.  (I'm aging gracefully.  Yeah.)

I had my new prescription put into my old glasses from high school/college, as well as got a free pair from the Army.  I like them well enough.

My old glasses, still in action!

But I have a thing for geeky specs, so when I saw that has a "First Pair Free" offer, I did some Googling to check it out.  Turns out, it's legit!  Glasses are expensive, and I never seem to have them on me when I need them.  Currently, I keep a pair at the office and in my car.  I figured this would be my pair for home, or in-between.

I LOVED the styles offered at Coastal.  There's a lot to choose from! For the free frames, less options... but I still found a pair I wanted to try out.  The glasses and lenses were completely free, true to the offer; I just paid $12 shipping and handling.  They even included a nice case and cleaning kit.

The glasses prescription was perfect, and I like the fit.  They're geeky for sure, but definitely my style and great to wear around the house when needed.

To redeem the free offer yourself, just use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout, and ensure you choose a pair that are eligible for the offer.  That's it!  Let me know if you decide to pick up a pair...  I would love to see which ones you choose.

Modeling my new geeky specs!

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