Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Target Clearance Rack!

I love a good deal... and right before the Christmas holiday, I found some great clothing on sale at Target!  Isn't that place a complete retail vortex?  You go in for toothpaste and end up spending $70!  I always hesitate to pay full price there, because chances are it will quickly rotate out.  (I recently bought some Kirna Zabete dresses online for a song... will try them on and review for you later!)

Here's what I found on clearance on my most recent trip, for under $12 each:


I wore the dress for Christmas, and I love it!  The length might be a bit short for work, but with opaque tights or leggings, it would definitely work.
One trick I've learned shopping at Target is that each brand has different sizing.  So knowing your size in Mossimo vs. xhilaration vs. Converse is good for clearance shopping.   I have everything from S to XL in Target clothing, because I buy what fits best for the style I'm looking at.  For this tee, I wanted it super loose, so I went XL in Juniors even though I could fit an M.


I'd been looking for an embellished-collar shirt, and this super-soft one was a great find.  I worry the studs may come off in the wash, so I may hand-wash this one.

Oh, and if you can get these PJs in-store?  Buy them.  $8 a set or less at this point.  Most comfy sets ever; I bought one set myself and have two from Christmas.  Gilligan & O'Malley are my favorite jammies!  After my scores in-store and online this year, I'll be in matching sets from now on and donating the old randoms to Goodwill.



  1. Nice! I love target! Definitely my favorite store to go to :). Nice blog too!


    1. Isn't it an amazing place? They have everything. And the other day, I went into their grocery section to see if I could get some very specific things (like Honeycrisp apples) and they had EVERYTHING I needed for that "fill-in" trip!


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