Monday, August 27, 2012

The most amazing thing you will ever smell... #WoodWick
My friend VB gave me a candle as a housewarming gift.  Sweet, right?  Well, this candle takes candles to a whole new level.

This candle smells so good, I carry it with me from room to room.  I sniff it when it isn't lit.  I light it all the time.

She got me the WoodWick candle Warm Woods trio, in Fireside, Redwood, and Sandalwood Clove layered scents.  The wooden wick crackles like a fireplace, and the scents transport me to the fun VB, LD, and I have had in cabins and on trips together.

Then I looked up the WoodWick collection online, and found out I can even get diffusers, car scents, and even vent clips in the Fireside scent.  I'm obsessed.  I want to buy a candle for every room in my apartment.  And smell them ALL THE TIME.

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