Thursday, August 9, 2012

$5 J.Crew Shorts

I love clothes.  My closet is organized so I can shop every day as I get dressed!  And so you might think I go a bit crazy spending money on them.

Well, not so much...  I scour clearance racks, online super sales, and even thrift stores.  Here's an example of a haul from my local Goodwill!  For under $15 total, I got a flawless (and super-soft) Tahari tee, pink J. Crew shorts, and Old Navy shorts that look very Lilly Pulitzer.

I shortened the pink J. Crew shorts to be the same length as a blue pair I bought at LOFT outlet... and you can't tell at all that I paid $5 for the pink ones!  Retail price for pink J. Crew shorts right now?  $45.  BAM!

Comparing prices... you can't tell which is more expensive!

So you see... things aren't always what they seem!  I take pride in finding great deals and hidden steals, and then squirreling the way my money into savings and my Roth IRA.  :)

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