Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 5: Halfway there!

What I've been wearing to work...
So I'm sure everyone is curiously about my results thus far in the challenge.  Well, in terms of inches and the scale, I want to wait until the end to share those!  (But I will tell you this... I was feeling so good I wore pencil skirts to work two days in a row and got a TON of compliments!)

I have been working out in conjunction with my healthier eating.  I alternate cardio (swimming or running) with my Les Mills Bodypump classes at my local YMCA.

That said, I can tell you about the other results I've had so far.

I feel full!  I mentioned this in the last post, but what I can't get over is how full I feel while eating more.  In fact, with my snacks, I feel like I am eating constantly... but in actuality, I am taking in FAR fewer calories and food in general.

I can tell you that before the challenge, I saw no problem with eating an Egg McMuffin meal at breakfast (with hash brown, ketchup, and orange juice), a Moe's burrito with a bag of chips and queso, and then picking up some Panda Express orange chicken and white sticky rice on the way home.  Okay, so I wasn't eating out every meal, but that lineup is an example of about how MUCH I could eat on a daily basis.  In addition, the company I work for has tons of free candy available all the time.  I can't even begin to count how much I used to snack on!

I also have more energy.  I don't feel lethargic, like I usually do after my big lunches.  (We eat out or order in a lot where I work...)  I've actually been drinking Shakeology for lunch more so than breakfast, because I am in LOVE with egg whites and turkey bacon.  Lindsey included so many options in my customized meal plan, but I could eat those every day.

Lindsey creates individual meal plans around your allergies and special dietary concerns, but also considers your preferences.  I am not a fish or veggie fan, so while she included some dishes with those items for me to try, she also included equitable substitutions I could use in recipes.  I think that having meals planned out ahead of time has helped enormously; I should plan ALL my meals from now on, so I don't end up eating junk!

Speaking of, I overhauled my fridge and pantry again.  Everything healthy (and perishable) is eye level, the less healthy stuff is almost hidden, and the bad stuff went into the garbage.  My family complained the last time they visited me that I didn't have enough "munchies" laying around... but that's the best way for me to keep my kitchen!  When there are apples, but not potato chips, guess what I eat?

Disclaimer:  I received a 10-day supply of Shakeology and coaching/nutrition guidance in exchange for blogging about my experience.  My opinions are my own.


  1. I'm glad you're having so much success. I do think the most important thing is having a plan and being able to stick to it--most of the time. I'm almost 5 pounds down from the 9 1/2 that I would like to get rid of (just to the point that certain clothing items fit better). The only thing I've changed is my calorie intake (until school starts, I don't have the personal time to increase my exercise). I do plan out menus and snacks. I have some snack food around, but it's for my kid (goldfish, anyone?) so I'm able to keep myself from noshing on it. I also think that planning meals and snacks helps to stay away from processed food entirely; when I have a plan, it's easier to cook from ingredients rather than popping something in the microwave or making it from a box. I also focus on making sure I eat protein with carbs to keep my blood sugar from crashing (I am pre-diabetic (crappy genetics) so in some ways, the combination of foods is more important than the amounts). I do love pencil skirts, but there is a certain cocktail dress in the back of my closet that I'm aiming for.

  2. I am battling genetics on my Dad's side for sure... I wish I could be as fit as my Mom!

    And there is definitely a pair of skinny jeans in my closet that I only wore once that are CALLING MY NAME! :)


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