Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emmy/Lexus Challenge? #ProjectRunway #TeamVen

Hello, shameless product placement?  The designers are working on a look for the Emmy red carpet, but you have to incorporate the color of the Lexus you are assigned?  WEIRD.

But a team challenge always makes things more interesting!  Especially with such an arrogant group of designers.  Not to mention, they're designing for PAST Project Runway designers!  Gunnar was right on... the hardest people do design for is a fashion designer.  The team pairings were kind of interesting... I felt like the matches kind of gave everyone a shot.  The pairings just didn't seem extremely skewed one way or another.

I did feel that Buffi or Kooan would go home, without even seeing what happens.  Just a hunch, because I felt like they were the weakest links.  I did feel that Alicia and Raul picked an ugly print, so that did worry me a bit.

Of all the dresses, I really liked Ven's team dress (very vintage!) and Elena's team dress (dramatic!).  I felt like those were my picks based on the sewing footage.  I thought Alicia/Raul's scrap dress and Kooan/Gunnar's weird wedding-like dress were weak.  Once I saw the runway, I picked out Ven/Fabio as my favorite, and Alicia/Raul as my least.  But no matter what, my Ven was safe!

Well, I was a little shocked at how much they loved Kooan/Gunnar's creation.  Irina didn't like it much, and it didn't seem like they really listened to her.  I was also shocked that Andrea threw Christopher under the bus like that on the runway!  OMG!  He was a drama queen, but she really changed her tune.

The judges were so RIGHT in picking Ven as the winner again.  Woohoo!  Love him!  And I didn't know if it was going to be Alicia or Raul eliminated; I really felt that they stood their ground together.  I didn't see either of them winning, but it was tough on me to see someone leave like that.

BUT WAIT... then Andrea takes off?  The previews show other people who want to leave?  HOLY COW! NEED NEW EPISODE ASAP!

Stay tuned...

P.S.  Did Irina get plastic surgery?  Or is it just appearing that way because she's lightened up her look and is less dark/black?

P.P.S.  Is it weird that I wonder if Fabio smells bad?  The "freegan" thing still weirds me out.

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