Thursday, April 5, 2012


I haven't written about television in ages!  Probably because I've been studying so much for job interviews.  But one of the shows currently on ABC that I am LOVING is GCB!

It's the story of a former mean girl who is forced to return to her hometown of Dallas... with hilarious consequences.  First off, I LOVE KRISTIN CHENOWETH.  You guys know that. :)

But seriously, this show is hilarious, snarky, colorful, and entertaining.  I can't get enough.  The one-liners are enough to keep me coming back, and the women are deeply flawed, beautiful characters.

I read that one of its creators is the writer of Steel Magnolias, which probably has something to do with how great the chemistry is amongst the cast.  You get sucked into it, and you always want to know what happens next.  If you like girly, funny shows, you must check this out!  It's Mean Girls meets Sex & the City meets Desperate Housewives.


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